Add more value to your business with Mobile Payments & VAS
The SMS payment solution is the most convenient and secure payment method currently available on the market, because it doesn’t depend on someone’s location and because no personal data or details of the bank accounts are required

Services can be used anywhere, anytime through the mobile phone. The user does not need Internet access, this payment method using exclusively SMSs


We offer SMS payments available through our direct contracts with all mobile operators in Romania. We process both one-time and recurring payments, without monthly actions needed from clients


Our consultants are at your disposal for creating the application’s design, the SMS payments service being an important mean to increase customer satisfaction and also a way to streamline the company's business

Because mobile penetration rate is over 100% of the population
Because mobile phones have become indispensable to anyone, wherever they are
Because SMS payment is the most convenient and secure payment method currently available
For having satisfied and relaxed consumers
To eliminate billing costs
To eliminate cash-in management efforts
To record payments automatically and in real time
For the independence of customer payments from your company's locations or any banking branch
For adding Simplicity, Convenience and Rapidity to your company's services or products
What do SMS Mobile Payments & VAS services include?
Payments for various services and products, both online and offline
Premium information and entertainment services, both on SMS and Voice
Interactive TV services via SMS and Voice, Voting and Opinion on TV
Premium Rate Chat services, Voice and SMS
Consultancy services by phone using Premium Rate Lines
Cashing in online and offline ads
o Automatic Monthly charging for subscriptions to your services
... and many more